Boys Prep Hockey Plays 4 Games in 3 Days in Home Opening Weekend


Photo by Jacob Chagoya

LFA Prep Hockey kicked off the weekend with a 7-0 victory of the Fountain Valley School.

Jacob Chagoya, Web Editor

LFA Boys Prep Hockey played four home games in three days, taking a toll on their bodies. The team had to cope with the adrenaline of playing at home, while also staying prepared for the next game.

The team defeated the Fountain Valley School twice, 7-0 then 8-0, while drawing with the Soo Indians 2-2 and 3-3. The team played once Friday, twice Saturday, then once Sunday. Playing four games in three nights can take its toll on the players.

“It’s a lot of ice time, so my legs aren’t always going to be fresh,” said Senior Joe Alexander. “Mentally, you’re preparing for these games even when your legs aren’t there.”

The Saturday game began at 10 A.M, yet the team had to get there an hour and a half beforehand. Then after a full game of hockey, the team had a few hours layover before the next game. The team had some food catered, then the day students went home while the borders went back to their dorms.

“I went home and napped. I was exhausted so I napped for maybe 45 minutes. I drank a lot of water and gatorade to get hydrated again, then it was time to start over,” said Alexander.

This intense schedule took its toll, leading to soreness and even injury. Senior Davis Browning reportedly injured his wrist after he got hit into the boards, and he will miss the remainder of the season.

“My legs were sore, I had a bruise on my butt, my shoulder was feeling kind of iffy, and my calf hurt from a shot that I blocked. When you feel hurt during the games you remember how it happened,” said Alexander.

Hydration was cited as a key component to helping the players over come their soreness. Stretching, foam rolling, and resting are also important in order to ensure the players won’t cramp up on the ice.

However, the adrenaline of playing at home kept the players amped up, giving them motivation to play through the weekend. Some on the team felt nervous on the Friday game, as it was the home opener despite the team being in season for months. However, the team looked composed as they took home a 7-0 win.

“Sometimes you feel like you have a high expectation from students and coach as well, so it’s definitely different,” said Alexander. “Personally, I find it’s a lot more fun.”