The World Series Champions: The Aftermath of the 108 year Drought


Katy Morrison and Elizabeth Christoph

The Cubs took the historical World Series win, and the reactions following, spoke loudly of the pride Chicagoans held. The game took place on November 2nd, at the Cleveland’s stadium, Progressive field. The tight game, tied in the ninth inning, proved victorious for the Cubs, clinching the game 8-7.

Cubs players were living in a dream, overjoyed and adrenaline filled at their historic and emotional win.

“This trumps everything. I’m out here crying, man. I am so happy. I can’t even really put into words how this feels,” third baseman Kris Bryant said after making the final out which won the game.

“It was like a heavyweight fight, man. Just blow for blow, everybody playing their heart out. The Indians never gave up either, and I can’t believe we’re finally standing, after 108 years, finally able to hoist the trophy.” MVP Ben Zobrist said of the heroic fight the Cubs put up.

Ecstatic excitement wasn’t the only emotion felt by the Cubs players. Immense relief was as well.

“It was very emotional. I felt like I let my team down,” said Chapman after he thought he had lost it for the Cubs when he let up a 3 run homer in the bottom of the 8th with 4 outs away from victory.

“It’s incredible how this all plays out sometimes,” Maddon said. “You have to believe in order to see things, and I do believe.” The Cubs definitely have more wins in their future.

The Cubs fans erupted. Bars and homes across the nation exploded, as the game received a 25.2 viewing rating, which is one of the first times that baseball has flagged NFL ratings. Over the last month, the World Series has received more views then NFL games, proving it’s popularity across the nation. Fans were ecstatic, so much so, that police got involved in Chicago, as fans flooded Wrigley field, jumping fences. The Chicago Police force was up till 3 a.m., the reason why the time of the victorious parade is on still up for debate.

The mandatory victory parade, which celebrates the Cubs fantastic feat, is hovering between Friday, November 4th, or Saturday, November 5th. The cubs are arguing for the parade to be on Friday, however the police force is tired from the crowds last night, and would prefer the game to be on Saturday. The official time and date will be released on the Cubs official website by Thursday afternoon.