LFA Hosts Boys and Girls Cross Country Invitational


Ayaan Ahmed, Staff Writer

Lake Forest Academy’s boys and girls cross country team held an invitational consisting of 122 runners, including boys and girls, from various schools on Tuesday September 27, 2016. It was held on the south end of the LFA campus extending to the girls dormitory, Field House. The girls ran first at 4:30 PM and the boys ran after at 5:15 PM. The invitational ran from 4:30 P.M. to around 6:30 P.M.

“You get a chance to run for individual recognition as well as for your team,” said LFA Cross Country Coach Chris Dozois.

This invitational was special for the cross-country team because trophies and medals were distributed. Trophies were given out to the top two teams as well as the top boy and girl runner. Alongside the trophies, the top ten male and female runners were given medals. Hence, the teams and their individual runners got a chance to recognize themselves.

From LFA, senior Blake Cedergren received a medal for placing tenth, senior Jacob Chagoya received a medal for placing seventh, and junior Katy Morrison received a medal for placing seventh.

Seniors Blake Cedergren and Jacob Chagoya pose after receiving their medals.

The one-mile course ran from the south end of campus, along the lake, and along the side of Field House. The runners were expected to run three laps around this one-mile course. The course was well marked and there were judges present to ensure that the rules of the invitational were being followed.

The runners practiced for the invitational through various six to twelve mile runs. They also worked on hills to strengthen their legs as well as speed workouts through sprinting the 800 meter eight times, with small breaks between the sprints. The runners also worked out in the fitness room through weight training as well. This grueling workout is not just for this invitational, but is present before many of the meets and invitationals the LFA cross country team participates in.

“We combine speed, strength, and endurance to hopefully have a good result,” commented Dozois while talking about the magnitude of the practices held by the team.