A new movie theater experience

The new AMC Hawthorne 12 provides an close-by entirely new movie-going experience

photo courtesy of graycor.com

photo courtesy of graycor.com

Peter Corsiglia, Staff Writer

There is an entirely new movie-going experience in the Vernon Hills Hawthorn Mall. Last spring, a new movie theater called the AMC Hawthorn 12 was built onto the end of the mall. From beginning to end, this movie theater provides a completely updated movie-going experience. One of the most notable aspects of the new theater is the reclining seats. The theater is just a ten-minute drive from the LFA campus, and is a must-try weekend activity.

Even the process of buying a ticket is different at this theater. Tickets for reserved seats can be purchased online at Fandango or anther online vendor. The tickets can then be printed at home, or be downloaded in digital form on a smartphone for entry to the theater. The tickets are slightly more expensive than the average movie theater. Ticket prices are around 10 dollars for a regular movie ticket, and 13 dollars for a 3D movie, depending on the time of day. While reserving seats beforehand can be advantageous, it practically eliminates the opportunity to just go to a movie on the spot because most good seats will have been previously reserved.

After scanning one’s digital ticket at the kiosk, an escalator leads up to the main lobby above. The main lobby has high ceilings, tiled floors and many amenities not commonly found in the average movie theater.

The concession stand sells all the expected movie theater snacks­–popcorn, candy, soft drinks, and Icee’s–as well as hot meals such as pizza, french fries, chicken tenders, and hot dogs. The lobby also features a frozen yogurt bar, and a hot coffee and tea stand, and all menus are displayed on TV screens. Perhaps the most uncommon feature of the lobby is Macguffins, a bar that serves beer, wine, and cocktails to moviegoers of legal drinking age.

“It is the most luxurious theater I have ever entered,” claimed junior Will Everett, speaking about the new theater.

photo courtesy of Yelp.com

photo courtesy of Yelp.com

Each theater boasts rows of plush recliners to enhance the movie-going experience. The leather recliners are fully motorized, and have armrests with cup holders. Even the theater itself is modern looking, with glass panels in front of certain rows and pathway lights that dim at the start of the movie. The reclining seats and the heavy bass sound in certain movies makes the experience more realistic and inclusive. Junior Joe Alexander likes the reclining seats and claims they improve the movie theater experience.

“Although the theater has nice seats and new technology, it is too expensive and hard to get tickets sometimes,” explained sophomore Andrej Hromic, who believes the price of the tickets is one of the biggest drawbacks of the theater.

The AMC Hawthorn 12 theater provides an experience different from a traditional movie theater. Reclining seats, a luxurious lobby and upscale movie theater dining may be the future of movie-going. Despite higher ticket prices and limited last-minute seating, it is a nearby way to experience the newest movie in a cool, adventurous way.