LFA students perform the musical Godspell


Jesus Christ stands in the middle of the community after a song.

Jacob Chagoya, Staff Writer

LFA’s rendition of the hit Broadway musical Godspell portrays the teachings of Jesus Christ and as he tells bible stories. The main roles include Jesus, John the Baptist, and Judas Iscariot. The remaining characters make up the community that gathers around to hear and learn from Jesus. With a healthy mix of music, seriousness, and comedic timing, Godspell thrives on its ability to effectively tell bible stories.  Godspell is a mix of bible stories and the teachings of Jesus. Jesus tells the community around him how they should act in order to make it to heaven, such as turning the other cheek if attacked. The community will then effectively portray the stories and teachings, which then dissolves into song. The show effectively ends with Judas’ betrayal of Jesus and his following crucification.

Jesus Christ, played by junior Nick Lin, ends the show as he is crucified.
Jesus Christ, played by junior Nick Lin, ends the show as he is crucified.


LFA’s portrayal of Godspell does a good job of including all of its cast members, as they are the key to an enjoyable show. Though Jesus, John the Baptist, and Judas occupy the main roles, the secondary characters are given opportunities to sing and have solos. Not only do some of the community members sing entire songs but every single cast member has some type of speaking role, no matter how big or small of a role the dialogue plays. The community’s antics in the background help the show to become more entertaining, as they exaggerate their expressions and antics. The community will be in the background as Jesus or someone else speaks and they will provide witty remarks and other actions. The community may not be the most important role but they effectively take the show to a more entertaining level.

However, if one is unaware of the concept of Godspell the show may be confusing to start. Godspell includes old time language as well, with words like “thou” and “ye”, which further confuses those who are unaware of what is happening. Especially for those unfamiliar with the Bible and its stories. It may take awhile to understand the purpose and plot of Godspell.

The music in Godspell ranges from fast paced to slow songs, depending on the mood and scene. Each song was well done and accompanied by a dance routine. The routines often involved off stage dancing and running. Many characters would interact in the audience as they sang and danced. The dance routines were entertaining and well choreographed.

Jesus Christ, to the right, teaches the community, standing to his left.
Jesus Christ, to the right, teaches the community, standing to his left.


The characters did not dress in old time clothes in Godspell, instead opting to wear more modern clothes. The clothes were, for the most part, colorful and vibrant. However, this does not detract from the show. LFA also did a creative job by utilizing its characters in creative ways. Godspell uses its characters as props, such as a house of humans and a jail.

Overall, LFA’s rendition of Godspell was an entertaining show that blended dance, song, and comedy into a good show.