Uber on Campus?

Uber on Campus?

Obaid Ansari, Features Editor

Uber is one of the fastest growing transportation services right now as it provides a fast, efficient, and cheap way to go from place to place. You would think that since LFA is a boarding school that Uber would be perfect solution for the boarders as it gives them easy access to transportation. However, this extremely convenient transportation system is not allowed on the LFA campus.

This rule was put into place last year by dorm heads, ESL Chair Connie McCabe and Assistant Dean of Students Jonathon Freeman. The number one reason for this rule is to ensure the boarders safety.

“Uber drivers are independent drivers so Uber is not as liable for their driver,” said Freeman, “but cab drivers are employed by the company so it is more important for the cab companies to make sure their drivers follow the code of conduct.”

There have been incidents where there has been assault from Uber drivers and LFA is not willing to take the risk that a student has something bad happen to them such as assault.

Boarders seem to turn a blind eye to the safety issue and they are not particularly happy with the new rule. Uber is extremely easy to schedule, they arrive fairly quickly and are very cost effective so one could see why borders would want LFA to allow Uber on campus.

“Uber should be allowed because I use it all the time to get food and it is a lot cheaper than a taxi,” said a boarder.

One might say, “why don’t boarders just call a cab to take them to the places they want?” However, like stated earlier Uber is much cheaper than a cab and can save boarders a lot of money. Evidently they are willing to risk a little safety to save some cash, where as the faculty believe the extra money is worth it for more safety.