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Gabby Wang, Staff Writer • February 13, 2024

Was the second attempt at Homecoming a success?

Photo by Harry Luo
Glow in the dark decorations adorn Homecoming to match the theme.

LFA’s campus was alive with excitement as it celebrated its second Homecoming. From the outset, it was evident that this year’s Homecoming was not just a continuation of the tradition of the school but also a great leap from its previous year.


Homecoming is a tradition steeped in memories, camaraderie, and vibrant celebrations. Filled with festivities, Homecoming is an occasion for current students to engage with their predecessors and for former students to reconnect with their academic roots. At its core, Homecoming is an emblematic fusion of the past with the present, fostering community, spirit, and school pride. While the event often culminates in a school’s home game and a dance, its essence is far richer, signifying unity, nostalgia, and the timeless bond shared among those who walk the hallowed halls of a school.


An intense game of “skin-the-snake” takes place during LFA’s first Field Day. (Courtesy of @lfacademy on Instagram)

The buildup to Homecoming underscored the concerted efforts by the newly formed Homecoming group, which consists of the Student Council (StuCo), faculty, and the Caxy Athletics Team. An initiative to gather requests for the homecoming theme during the Morning Meeting created discussions and excitement throughout campus. Further amplifying this anticipation were Madison Rosen ’25 and Mimi Sexton ’25 through the creation of the Homecoming poster – something that was absent last year. As the days rolled on, the momentum intensified during Spirit Week when students dressed up as different decades, barbies, surfers, bikers, and more… Moreover, Enos Zaah ’25 magnified this fervor by producing a hype video, setting the stage for a celebration. Reflecting on the absence of a home hockey game, the Prefects and StuCo, in coordination with the athletics faculty, put together a fierce field day competition among sports teams.


The Homecoming dance began with COAX taking the stage, delivering electrifying performances of popular rock music that excited the crowd. As music pumped and spirits soared, LFA’s student DJ, David Yao ’24, showcased his musical prowess with “The Sound of LFA.” Both performances reflected the excellence of LFA students in music, capturing the essence of the night and the spirit of the school.


StuCo’s proactive involvement differentiates this year’s Homecoming from the previous year. “We viewed Homecoming as both a rehearsal for the prom and a litmus test for team chemistry,” stated All School President Jerry Ren 24’. This marked a transformative shift from LFA’s first homecoming, which relied heavily on the faculties and the Caxy athletics team for its organization. 


Homecoming stood as a testament to the school’s new growing traditions and the synergy of its students. Without a doubt, students look forward to what next year’s Homecoming will unveil.

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