Ferry Hall’s gets a new head dorm parent


Photo by Nghi Doan

A Photo of Ferry Hall Dorm

Nghi Doan, Managing Editor of News

Olivia Poska, English and Performing and Fine Arts teacher, stepped into the role of Dorm Head for Ferry Hall after many years of being a dorm parent.

    When asked about the difference in Ferry Hall after becoming Dorm Head, Poska said, “When I used to come here once a week as a Dorm Parent, it was a small little part of what I did, and now as I am Dorm Head, I think about the whole school in a different way. I think about the dorm every day.” Poska also mentioned that as a Dorm Head; she was able to think from the boarders’ perspective on dorm activities to try and improve them.

     With the transition of Head Dorm Parent in Ferry Hall, there are also a lot of changes like the dorm activities and dorm council. Jannie Nguyen 22’, a Proctor in Ferry Hall expressed, “I am excited for the future activities in this dorm, and the ideas that Mrs. Poska brings up really adds to the creation of new activities for the girls in the dorm to do.” The essence of the ferry is kept the same, even when there are new adjustments in the dorm. “Even though there was a change in the Head Dorm Parent, the traditions of what makes Ferry, Ferry, is still here, like the dorm dinner, but just with more new ideas such as the theme of Olympics that we have this year” Nguyen added.

    Not only does Poska help the older boarders that live in Ferry, but she has also played an integral part in helping the new Ferry Hall boarders adjust to the dorm life. A new, sophomore border to Ferry Hall, Sidney Do 24’, commented, “This is my first year here at Ferry and I am excited to experience living here. Last year, I was not able to participate in many dorm activities but this year, I am looking forward to going to the dorm events that would be held here”

     Moreover, when asked about her future plans for the dorm, Poska mentioned, “I have plans to create more connection between Ferry and Field and create a sense of shared fun like celebrating holidays together or doing something together. I think I would try to put more plants in the dorm too.” With new ide

as Poska helps the students adjust and brings a fresh feeling to the place while still keeping the traditions of the dorm.