LFA welcomes new faculty to campus

Angie Cotton, Managing Editor of Features

This school year, Lake Forest Academy welcomed four new faculty members, including French and Spanish teacher Ms. Cook-Hoet, English teacher Mrs. McCaffrey, Director of Health Services Mrs. Kliner, and college counselor Ms. Rogers. 

Ms. Cook-Hoet comes from Switzerland, and her second language is interestingly English. Her third language is Spanish. She started tutoring English when she was 17, and fell in love with teaching ever since then. Her husband, a professor at the University of Chicago, was the one who suggested she come work at LFA. When asked about her favorite part of LFA so far, she said “I was impressed with how motivated the teenagers are, and how nice faculty are.” Her main goal at the moment is to teach AP classes in the future. She currently coaches the girls’ volleyball team, and can be found in the language office most of the time.

Ms. Cook-Hoet (Photo by LFA Website)

Mrs. McCaffrey is from Sleepy Hollow, New York, and has recently lived in Madison, New Jersey. She was previously a teacher at a New Jersey public school for 26 years. She had always been interested in independent teaching. She mentioned that one of her favorite parts about LFA so far is that “the kids are so nice. You can tell people really care about one another.” Her main goal as an English teacher is to help kids find their writer’s voice. She currently coaches swimming. A fun fact about her is that she got charged by a bear once.

Mrs. McCaffrey (Photo by LFA Website)

Mrs. Kliner is from Chicago, and went to school at Francis Parker, a Junior K-12 school in Chicago. She was a nurse practitioner for over 5 years and worked at a school-based health center at a Chicago Public School. She applied to LFA after “A friend sent me the listing for the job because I was interested in eventually returning to school-based health or adolescent health.” She already knew about LFA, as her grandmother attended Ferry Hall. She hopes to fit into the culture at LFA, and is currently working on everything COVID-related. A fun fact about her is that she studied religion in college, as she considers herself as someone who likes to collect knowledge. She is also fluent in Spanish. She can be found all over campus, although her office is currently in Upper Reid by the infirmary.

Anna Kliner (Photo by Angie Cotton)

Despite their short time at LFA so far, it is clear that these new faculty members have so far fit into LFA without struggle and are clearly already a part of the LFA family and community.


Ms. Rogers (Photo by LFA Website)