US and North Korea Talks: Fact or Fiction


Ben Sebolt, Editor

In the past month, North Korea reached out to South Korea and America to discuss peace talks between nations.  This was a historical moment as North Korea has started to ramp up their nuclear missile program. Trump on twitter has been very confrontational with Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea.  When Un tweeted that he had a nuclear button on his desk, Donald Trump boasted that he had a much “bigger and powerful button.” South Korea set the stage for diplomatic negotiations when they opened a hotline with North Korea.  On May 15th, North Korea cancelled a meeting with South Korea due to an american military operation.

During Trump’s campaign, he explicitly said that he would be open to meeting Kim Jong Un to discuss politics.  During the Olympics it was thought that Mike Pence would meet with the North Korean decision but this failed. This first recorded meetings between the US and North Korea  involved the Director of the Cia on April 18. This set the scene for the proposed talks between the two presidents. As talks progressed, North Korea realizes American detainees, intending to curry favor with America

Then surprisingly on May 24, Trump cancels the meeting.  Ironically, the North Koreans destroyed one of their nuclear testing sites as a sign of good faith.  Trump cited the “tremendous anger and hostility” coming from North Korea. North Korea responded to the letter by saying that North Korea “has the intent to sit with the U.S. side regardless of ways at any time.”  Trump leaves the option open for a reconciliation, asking North Korea to contact him immediately if they change their mind.  

All is not lost for North Korea and US peace talks though.  Already North and South Korea met to discuss how to proceed.  They are dedicated to reducing tensions with Red Cross and to talk with military authorities.  Their main goal is to keep the planned June 12th summit between North Korea and America on schedule. Nothing is confirmed but the US did send officials to prepare for a summit between Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump.

It is up to the two countries to make this summit happen.  If the meeting happens, it could be a step in the right direction to denuclearization of nuclear weapons everywhere.