Juuls and Their Presence at LFA

Shreya Singhvi, Staff Writer


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A juul is a revolutionary new electronic cigarette. Inconspicuous by design, the juul can pass for a USB and can be recharged on a computer. A juul is $34.99 and four flavored pods, which are natural nicotine salts, are $15.99.

Although users must verify they are of age to even access the website, it is relatively easy to purchase a juul. If you use a fake ID or if you are 18 years old, juuls can be found almost anywhere. Affordable, powerful, and easy to use, the juul has been become increasingly popular in the past few months, and these factors make it incredibly appealing to high school students.

Today, I’m joined with a freshman and junior at Lake Forest Academy. They will be telling us more about the juul and their experiences with it.

Shreya: How often do you juul?

Freshman: “Usually I juul everyday.”

Junior: “I probably juul about five times a day I’d say.”

Shreya: How long does it take you to go through one pod (approximately one pack of cigarettes)?

Freshman:  “On average, I go through three pods a week.”

Junior:  “For me, it probably takes a day and a half. It could take a day or two days, it just depends because sometimes I let other people use it.”

Shreya: Do most of you friends do it?

Freshman: “Yeah, all of my friends juul. That’s how I got into it because they were all doing it, and then I figured if they do it it must be cool so I started doing it too.”

Junior: “So, I think a lot of people at LFA know what it is, and if you ask them if they want to do it they would do it, people aren’t really as opposed to it as much as drinking. It’s pretty widespread, I’d say, and at least everyone knows what it is.”

Shreya: What was your first juuling experience like?

Freshman: “It was probably one of the best experiences of my life. I just juuled for a little bit, I got a buzz, and my life is changed ever since.”

Junior: “One of my senior friends came over to my house sophomore year right after winter break, and this person had it and they asked if I had ever seen it before and I was really confused because I was like vaping is lame, I don’t want to use that. And then probably two months later it became really popular, and I was like, oh, I saw it first!”

Shreya: Are you scared of getting caught?

Freshman: “No, I’m pretty sneaky about my juuling, so I don’t think I’ll get caught.”

Junior: “It’s a pretty little thing, it’s a little stealthing, and I would never do it on campus. I do it on my own free time and I don’t think it’s very plausible to get caught unless you put it out on social media.”

Shreya: Do you own a juul and if so how did you get one?

Freshman: “Yeah, I do own a juul, and I got it from my little sister who got it from one of her friends. I didn’t have to pay for it, which was nice.”

Junior: “Yeah, I own one. Originally, my friend who has a fake ID got me one, but they’re really easy to get because you only have to be 18 so basically any senior at LFA could probably get one.”

Shreya: What do you like or not like about juuling?

Freshman: “One thing I like about juuling is the mango pods because they taste really good, but one thing I don’t like about juuling is that it’s really hard to get mango pods, so I don’t get to use them very often.”

Many students have jumped on the juuling bandwagon and are spending more and more money purchasing pods or other accessories. Often times, teenagers don’t realize the detrimental effect this device can have on their health.