Advisory Pumpkin Carving Contest

Hong Joo Kwon, Features Editor

Lauren Fowler/ Ruth Smith advisory’s “Skele-Pumpkin” won the Scariest Pumpkin Award.

  Lake Forest Academy has always had the tradition of having Advisory Pumpkin Carving Contest every Halloween. This year, the advisories who participated in the yearly Advisory Pumpkin Carving Contest carved the pumpkins in advisory on Thursday and put the pumpkins in the language wing for a chance of winning the contest.

  Advisories had a lot of fun while participating and a lot of people enjoyed looking at the variety of creative pumpkins. It was a memorable time for the advisories that participated, as they were able to get together as a group and also express their creativity. Even the teachers enjoyed the students’ creativity shown in the pumpkins.

Sophomores Joan Karstrom and Nora Ntagungira takes a look at the displayed pumpkins.

   “Even though my advisory did not participate, it’s always fun seeing the creative things the other advisories come with,” said Junior Nakoma Goodsell.

  While some of the students in LFA were familiar with the idea of Halloween and carving pumpkins, some of the new students had fun celebrating Halloween and carving pumpkins for the first time.

  “It was my first time celebrating Halloween and carving pumpkins. It was really fun. Our advisory did it together as a group. We did ‘Donald Trumpkin’ and we put wigs and drew emojis. I would love to celebrate Halloween and carve pumpkins again,” said Sophomore Xi He.

Sarah Collin advisory’s “EyePod” won the Funniest Award.

  Press/Maggie Boomgarden’s advisory’s  ‘Kitty’ won the Traditional Award. Jonathan Freeman advisory’s ‘Death Star’ won the Wildly Creative Award. Lauren Fowler/ Ruth Smith advisory’s ‘Skelepumkin’ and Steve Ryder advisory’s ‘Chuckie’ had the tie for scariest pumpkin. Sarah Collins advisory’s ‘Eye Pod’ won the Funny Award. The judges of the Advisory Pumpkin Carving Contest were Teresa Zaiff and Meredith Haynes.

  it’s nice to see the LFA community come together for a spooky celebration. Faculty and students alike enjoy this annual pumpkin extravaganza.