Healthy Choices Day 2014

Healthy Choices Day 2014


Students at LFA recently participated in Healthy choices day, an annual event at LFA that encourages students to make healthy choices in their daily lives. To help achieve this goal LFA brings in experts from Northwestern’s Center for Talent Development and the Wellness Department from Lake Forest College. All grade levels participate for three hours of learning and participation.

-9th Graders learned about bullying this year and watched a short film called Bully. They had a discussion about the film and also discussed the issues of cyber bullying and cyber safety. Furthermore, the Freshman Class addressed questions on how to define and prevent bullying.

-The Sophomore Class met with the Civic Education Project team from Northwestern’s Center for Talent Development. They discussed human rights, how to unify communities, and leadership strategies. Additionally, the 10th graders looked ahead to their sophomore seminar projects that will be taking shape soon.

-Students in the Junior Class participated in a workshop that covered sexual assault and consent.

“We had discussions about sexual abuse and had a couple of stories with three to four questions to discuss with a group,” said junior Difu Zhu. “It’s about being educated and thinking about what to do in certain circumstances.”

-12th Graders went to various seminars covering a wellness approach to peak performance, rape culture that exists in our world, CPR training, and a presentation from the Wellness Department from Lake Forest College.

Healthy Choices Day is an event that is important and relevant to everyone at LFA. It promotes healthy practices that can be applied to one’s daily life.