January House Cup weekend update


The House Cup weekend for January was crammed full of competitions and activities. Many day and boarding students came out to the events.

The weekend was organized differently than most House Cup weekends. Usually, the weekend consists of one large-scale competition from which one house is declared the overall winner for that month’s competition. Then, house points for teams are added depending on their success in the single, big competition.

Instead, this January, there were instead ten smaller competitions that announced one house victor, as done before, but no overall weekend champion was determined. However, each team’s success in their given event correlates to how many points have been added to their house.

“A lot of sports teams were off-campus, so we thought that having a ton of different smaller competition victors would make students more likely to find individual activities they would enjoy rather than attending one big event,” said Assistant Dean of Students Jonathan Freeman.

The January weekend format allowed students who could not be on-campus the entire weekend still support their house in at least some events. This proved to be extremely successful, since a great number of students participated in House Cup events.

“Attendance reflected a big turn out for bingo, Magic; the Gathering, 3-on-3 basketball, the pool tournament, the ping-pong tournament, and the giant twister game in the Field dorm,” said Freeman.

The students were also enthusiastic about the January House Cup activities, and the attitude surrounding the events was also very position, according to Hu.

“Everyone acted very peaceful and friendly at the competition,” said Hu.

Depending on the event, previous experience seemed to play a large role in a participant’s winning or losing, according to Hu.

“For the pool game, the differences between players were huge. Players with background in pool repeatedly won. The same winners dominated. They were much more advanced than other players,” said Hu.

Coming up next in the House Cup competition schedule is the February scavenger hunt competition. It’s the third year that LFA has had this part of the House Cup.

“Huge house points are available for the winner. Anyone who wants their house to win should participate,” said Freeman.

After the January House Cup weekend the current standings are as follows.


  1. Lewis House 646 points
  2. Sargent House 633 points
  3. Welch House 608 points
  4. Bird House 447 points


The breakdown for the points won from the largest January weekend competitions are as follows.



  1. Lewis House 20 points
  2. Welch House 20 points
  3. Sargent House 15 points
  4. Bird House 0 points



  1. Lewis House 17 points
  2. Sargent House 15 points
  3. Welch House 8 points
  4. Bird House 5 points



  1. Sargent House 20 points
  2. Lewis House 10 points
  3. Welch House 5 points
  4. Bird House 0 points


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