LFA’s Trustee Weekend

Ambika Gupta, Managing Editor of Global

Trustees shadow different LFA students the first day of Trustee Weekend. (Photo by LFA twitter )

    On November 5th and 6th, LFA hosted its annual Trustee Weekend, the first one in-person since COVID-19 hit. Trustee weekend has been a tradition since the beginning of the school itself. Three times a year, trustees come together to meet, discuss, and share. LFA’s 27 trustees come from all over the world, from China to Tennesse to California.  Of the 27 LFA trustees, 22 were able to attend, 5 of which were remote. This is one of the only opportunities for trustees and students to interact, aside from an occasional guest speaker and the FIRE conference. 

    To begin Trustee Weekend, trustees had the opportunity to shadow students and get a real feel for life on campus. According to Karin Fink, an LFA trustee and current parent of two Caxys, this shadowing event allowed her to witness the “high level academics” of the school. Furthermore, she mentioned how the event in total showcased the “alignment” of the trustees and how all “are on the same page.” 

    However, one of the main reasons for this event is an exchange of information between the trustees and committees. The purpose of trustees according to Jessica Douglas, an LFA alumni ‘96 and trustee, is to “listen to all the stakeholders [of LFA]” and then “do what’s best for LFA.” A committee is composed of trustees and at least one LFA teacher focused on a particular aspect of LFA, such as finances, endowment, advancement, trustee recruitment or diversity and pluralism. For example, the property committee recently organized the repair of Corbin’s roof. 

    During Trustee weekend, the committees and trustees also reflect on their past accomplishments and problems. Jacqueline Leib, Executive Assistant to the Head of School and Board of Trustees, commented how “We learn each year from what we’ve done in the past” and the everlasting process to better the school.

    Each trustee is chosen for their specific skills. Each trustee adds something different and helps to create a knowledgeable committee. The Committee of Trustees, work together to find replacements for those retiring and seek to find qualified candidates who can add experience and expertise to the committees. Afterwards, the entire board votes upon trustee nominations. A trustee’s previous connection to the school can vary, from previous Deans of Students, retired teachers, alumni, and parents of former and current Caxys. 

    Douglas remarked that despite how the academy has changed the “mission [of the school] has stayed the same.” Furthermore, during this year’s trustee weekend, she “enjoys hearing about how the academy is challenging itself” to improve.