New dress code demands spark controversy

Connor Drobny, Assistant Managing Editor of Sports


To say Lake Forest Academy’s dress code is only controversial would be dishonest. Students, faculty, parents, and essentially every demographic one could imagine previously clashed with compelling arguments concerning the issue. Some students feel the dress code is unnecessary, some students feel that the dress code is pleasant, some students feel the dress code does not matter, but every side feels dictated. 

The past school years have been no different. However, appeasement has been given to the student body over the pandemic. During the 2020 – 2021 school year, there was little enforcement of the dress code, which many students appreciated. However, appeasement has been given to the student body over the pandemic. The mask mandate allowed for slightly fewer restrictions in general and the taking away of, most importantly, ties for males. Over the months, the relaxed rule led to essentially no dress code for boys and little dress code for girls by the end of the fall. Including a less formal dress code during the 2021 – 2022 school year is a positive, but it does not come without flaws. 

Many small groups of students raged about the forced long pants in almost 100-degree August weather this year. Virtually no students knew the change would occur until the days leading up to the announcement, aggravating students vividly. How can long khakis and jeans be comfortable in such humidity? What upsides do the extra foot and a half of cotton and denim bring? The typical student is left unanswered and feels they have little voice. It would be wise to educate students on how these decisions are made to avoid confusion. (need to include a quote here). In the past, prefects have done a great job advocating for students, and the faculty has done an even better job of listening. I hope this trend continues in the future, but the fact that there was not an utter of retort to such an absurd change frightens me. I, along with the majority of the student body, fully trust in the decision-making process of LFA to give fairer rules in the future.