Spooky stories on campus

Angie Cotton, Managing Editor of Features

Many people at LFA have either heard of or experienced their own share of paranormal activity on campus, so it’s no secret that things can get a bit weird, especially at night time. We asked members of the LFA community to share some of their own paranormal experiences at LFA. Here are some of the stories:

“I was asleep, and suddenly I woke up; it was 3:15. I look at my phone and wonder why I’m up. I’m sleeping on one side of the room. My roommate’s not even in the dorm that night, so I’m already terrified. I look across the room, and I see a lady standing on my roommate’s bed: her hair is on her face, she’s wearing old-timey clothes, somewhat of a long dress that’s supposed to be white but is instead dark and dirty. She’s kind of mumbling something about suicide and something about ‘they did it to me’. I tried to go back to sleep, but I couldn’t, so I threw a pillow at it and it didn’t go away. Then, I threw a book at the lightswitch and as soon as the light turned on, she was gone. I turned the light back off and went back to bed.”

     -Anonymous, in their dorm bedroom 


“A long time ago, what is now the Journalism room in upper Reid, was once a faculty workroom, which housed a copy machine. One night after study hours, I went up to make copies for my classes for the following day. As I walked from the Reid staircase to the copier, I noticed that the chandelier closest to the boys’ bathroom was swinging somewhat aggressively in a large circle. I didn’t think much of it at the time, assuming someone had spun it after study hours. It took me about 20 minutes to make my copies, and on my way out I noticed that the chandelier was still spinning…with the same energy it had 20 minutes earlier! There was no one else around, and there was no way this chandelier could have maintained that level of energy on its own.”

     -Ms. Hagar, in Upper Reid


Two recent alumni were walking through the Field commons late at night after the dorm parents had left. The lights were on, and they saw a man sitting on the couch facing the TV, wearing a tophat. They thought he was a dorm parent, so they tried talking to him, but he would not respond. They went around the corner of the room and they still couldn’t see who it was, because the head kept turning. They ran to their room once they reached the other hall, came back later and he wasn’t there anymore.

     -Anonymous, in Field Commons


“One night when I was on the late shift, I was making my way around campus to make sure everything was how it was supposed to be. Behind the Formal Gardens, it tends to get pretty foggy at night, so the ambience was already one resembling a ghost film. As I was walking around the pagoda, I noticed some people out on the pond on a canoe. I didn’t give it much attention,  thinking ‘how is it possible for there to be a canoe out on this pond late at night?’ I took a second look at the pond to make sure, only to see nothing there: no people, no canoe, nothing. Just fog. It might’ve been my imagination, but I’d also like to comment on how the room below the pagoda used to store small boats and canoes that would be dragged out onto the pond when it was still used.”

     -Campus Safety, by Willow Lake (behind Field)


Tyler Madeley dressed as a cow for Halloween (Photo by Tyler Madeley)
Emily Kalis dressed up as a witch for halloween (Photo by Emily Kalis)