Invicto restaurant review


Photo by James Kuhns

The scene outside of Invicto on a Wednesday afternoon.

James Kuhns, Managing Editor of Podcasting

There are many different restaurants in and around Lake Forest that boast their “Mexican-inspired” foods, such as Chipotle and Qdoba. While these restaurants serve a variety of quality dishes and drinks, they often fail when it comes to the atmospheric aspect of the dining experience. After all, they are considered fast food, right?

Well not all of them. 

Introducing Invicto, a chain of restaurants lining Chicago and its suburbs, with a menu inspired by authentic Mexican street food and an atmosphere worthy of an Instagram photo shoot. Located near Shake Shack and Whole Foods, a mere ten minutes from the Academy, Invicto is a prime spot to grab a quick lunch or bring your whole advisory.

What truly makes Invicto a great spot is the vibe, painted and furnished with bright colors and plastered walls. The atmosphere is reminiscent of various locations in the Southwest, but to size it up to a real Mexican street food atmosphere is something I cannot do, especially due to my lack of experience exploring Mexico and its vibrant culture.

Now onto the menu. Invicto has everything from vampiro tacos to Mexican chocolate shakes, but they also host a variety of dishes with the classic American spin (more cheese and Cheetos, because why not?). If I were to make any recommendations, I would say take a long look at the burrito and vampiro sections, as both contain amazing flavor no matter the meat or vegetarian choice. 

Unfortunately, every restaurant has its flaws, and Invicto is no different. It is very expensive, with a taco costing around four dollars and a burrito costing near nine. On top of this, the restaurant only takes credit card payments; no cash is allowed. On a more positive note, Invicto embraces the One Feeds Two organization, meaning that for every meal you purchase at the restaurant a child in poverty is given a meal. 

The restaurant’s charitable work, its ability to deliver through DoorDash, and their amazing array of Mexican street food-inspired dishes is reason enough for you to give it a try. This restaurant will fill you up with not only food, but memories and an appetite to return.