The importance of respecting senior privilages


Jared Felitto, Managing Editor of Sports

  Seniors at Lake Forest Academy (LFA) are expected to have some special privileges. It’s pretty much a general consensus in any high school that everyone can’t wait to be a senior. There’s something special about being the oldest in the school. Over their three years, seniors have slowly climbed the food chain and are now at the pinnacle of their high school experience–second semester of their senior year. All seniors expected to get some “special treatment” after having their eyes on these privileges for the past three years; however, some of these privileges we haven’t been able to take full advantage of.
  The most blatant privilege that is a nuisance to all day students is senior parking. In the past, this year’s seniors have respected senior parking.. They’ve endured the long walk from Crown to Reid. They’ve experienced that; now, it’s their turn to be able to park closer. Juniors, even some sophomores, think it’s no problem at all to take some of these spots. Really, get over yourself. You’ll be able to have those spots in a few years. For now, leave those spots for the seniors. Seriously, the only thing worse than the walk from Reid to Crown is seeing juniors (especially sophomores) hoarding all the senior parking spots.
  As many of the current seniors remember as freshman and even sophomores, senior cuts in the lunch line were very much a thing. While there is certainly a time and place for this, this could very well turn into the “seniors stand up” at morning meeting where everybody takes advantage of it. Even though this would be a nice privilege for seniors, it’s best to refrain from having this be accessible to seniors. 

   One privilege that several seniors are unaware of is that going off-campus for lunch is technically allowed; however, it has recently been brought to several seniors attention that some of their classmates have been denied access to go off campus for lunch.  This privilege hasn’t been as consistently granted in recent years. For the past few years some seniors repeatedly went off campus for lunch, where as some For LFA, safety is the utmost priority for their students. Students venturing off campus puts the safety of the students in jeopardy- but, most seniors are turning 18 or already turning 18. Since technically the majority of seniors are legal adults, they should have the ability to go off campus and be able to get a little break from school and food.
  As tedious as these privileges sound, Seniors in all high schools have some form of special treatment. They aren’t asking for much – just to respect the few advantages that we are entitled to.