‘Tis the season for stress relief

By Audrey McGrail
Managing Editor of News

As is customary the week before winter finals, activities have been planned to bring the season’s festivities to LFA and to allow students to destress before exams. Such treats are to benefit the community and spread the holiday cheer.
The day classes resume from Thanksgiving break (Monday, December 2) begins the pre-finals activities. Each day following will include a special activity, the last being on Friday, December 6. With that being said, mark your calendars and look forward to…
Monday, December 2- Hot chocolate bar
Set up in the Garden Room, courtesy of LFA facilities, enjoy hot chocolate during the cold weather with festive toppings including crushed peppermint sticks, marshmallows, and whipped cream.

Tuesday, December 3- Coloring pages
What better way to relax before finals than coloring? Stop by the Garden Room throughout the day to color on winter coloring pages which include SpongeBob, Linus and Lucy, among other beloved characters.

Wednesday, December 4- Faculty dogs
Buddy in Elf said “the best way to spread holiday cheer was singing loud for all to hear.” At LFA, the best way to spread holiday cheer is for faculty to bring their dogs for students and teachers alike to interact with the animals. This activity, like the others, will also be held in the Garden Room.

Thursday, December 5- Cozy dress
What better than a D Day Thursday? A cozy dress D Day! Enjoy relaxed dress code by coming in warm and comfortable clothes. Warm PJs are allowed!

Friday, December 6- Cookie decorating
Enjoy decorating cookies with friends on the very last day of pre-finals week. Homemade cookies made by Facilities will be served in the Little Theaters along with toppings of your choice, to decorate it as you desire. Enjoy!

Finals can be stressful, regardless if you are a freshman or a senior. These activities listed above are a fun way to enjoy the winter season and relax while studying and preparing for exams. We hope you enjoy them!