Support grows for Girls’ Prep Hockey program


Lindsey Pearlman, Managing Editor of Social Media

Historically, Lake Forest Academy has been continuously recognized for its boys hockey program. At LFA, the boys hockey program has two separate teams; Varsity and Prep. The girls hockey program, however, has only one team for all female hockey players. In the near future LFA plans to change that and make a Girls Prep Hockey Team.

   “If you look at the Lake Forest Academy boys hockey teams, it took a very long time to develop the Prep Hockey program.” stated Mr. Tyler Madeley, the LFA Girls Varsity Hockey coach, “Within our five year plan, we want to be able to have a girls team that can play other private schools and more competitive teams.”

   The development of a Girls Prep Hockey team would not diminish the Varsity hockey program though. The girls  hockey program would very closely resemble the boys hockey program, having one Varsity team and one Prep team at a more competitive level. This team would play more experienced teams, be heavily recruited for, and require more commitment than the Varsity team. 

   “Ideally, what we want is to have a girls program that mirrors the exact same ideas and expectations as the boys program.” stated Madeley. 

   Having these separate teams would provide more opportunities for female athletes. In past years, having only one team for all girls hockey players created a wide spectrum of skill level on one team. Girls who were playing on travel hockey teams and aiming to play in college were sharing the ice with girls who had little to no hockey experience. Having the Girls Prep team will allow for there to be more competitive games for girls who want to play at a higher level. 

   “Hockey is a phenomenal sport and I know a lot of people want to play it for enjoyment, and then other people structure their academic career around the sport,” said Madeley, “The main difference between the two girls teams would definitely be the level of competition and the level of commitment.” 

   Aside from giving LFA students a higher level team to play on, the Girls Prep Hockey Team will provide new opportunities for students to come to LFA and further their academic and athletic careers. The future creation of this team will be a large step for the LFA hockey program as well as women’s athletics at the school as a whole.