Everyone Has a Responsibility to Keep the Student Union Clean


Tyler Medvec , Editor-in-Chief

   In its short three years of existence at Lake Forest Academy, the Student Union has become a centerpiece of both the campus and student life as it offers a place to eat, study, or just relax during a long day of tests and quizzes. Even with its importance in the community, however, the Student Union is continually left dirty and messy due to certain members of our community. Messy plates are left sitting on tables, empty cups pile up beside couches, and spills are frequently left uncleaned as students either forget to clean up or simply don’t.

  Although this may seem like a minor issue for some students, I think that the problem can say a lot about the community. This is a place where respect is essential, whether it be between students and their peers, students and their teachers, or students and their school. The lack of respect for this truly special place on campus reflects poorly upon the entire community, even if it is only a few students causing the mess.

  After hearing announcements about these messes throughout the year, every year since the building’s opening, I would expect students to recognize the problem and work to solve it. This is a community that frequently comes together to discuss large and global issues, so can it be this hard for us to work towards simply cleaning up our messes from lunch? It certainly shouldn’t be. It isn’t difficult to take the time to walk your plate and cup the 50 feet from your table to the dishwashing counter and it certainly won’t be the reason you’re late for your next class.

  Regardless of whether you’re a student, a teacher, or a visitor to the community, you will most likely spend at least some of your day inside the Student Union. This really is not a hard problem to solve, it simply takes participation from each member of the community. Take the fifteen seconds to clean up your table, and remind your friends to as well, and the messes that are so frequently projected at Morning Meeting alongside an announcement can be solved. Respect the Student Union as you would any other restaurant or building in general, and don’t be the reason that another mess is left to be cleaned up by someone else.