New Finals Policy


Lake Forest Academy has run their final exam system in a similar way for the past few years. But this year LFA students were subject to a new format that has many upset. In the past, seniors wouldn’t have to take second semester finals. This makes perfect sense; by the end of the year, all seniors know what college they are going to or what they are doing after high school. Second semester grades become nearly irrelevant to the graduating class and thus, there is no purpose in having them take finals.

Now, seniors could be found all over campus during finals week; most turning in papers or projects, and some even taking full sit down finals.

After learning about this situation, Caxy News correspondents Charlie Shattock and Alex Jackson went to investigate.

An interview with Mr. Tennyson revealed that these changes are because LFA needs to fulfill the state requirement for school days, and is coming close to not doing so.

“Overall the thought was that as a school we have a minimum number of days that we need to meet and be in session, and the increase in the number of students taking AP’s plus mirror days meant that those days were gonna be more and more difficult to consider as school days”.

Essentially what this means is that to fulfill its requirement for school days, LFA has to either extend the length of the school year or just send seniors to finals. The school has decided that the latter is the lesser of two evils.