Injuries Hamper Varsity Basketball

Ben Sebolt, Staff Writer

       After starting off the first half of the season well, the Boys Varsity Basketball team was on a roll.  Going 13 and 7 before a game versus Monmouth Roseville. Unfortunately, during this game Andrew Crawford and Payton Gryniewicz went down with injuries.  Andrew Crawford tore his ACL while Payton Gryniewicz sprained his hip flexor.

      Crawford was a critical loss to the team because he had been an huge offensive weapon for the team during their season.  The threat of his jumper opened more space for his teammates to operate. He was not only a threat, but was a consistent scorer for the team.  Payton Gryniewicz, while not a starter, came off the bench, creating multiple scoring chances.

      Coach Koncz has already started making adjustments.  In the practices after the injuries, the Coach has effensized defense.  Trying to cope with the loss of offensive firepower. As the old saying goes “the best defense is a good offense.”  The defensive mindset has worked as the past few games have been relatively low scoring. The adjustments the coach made have also seemed to work as the caxys are 2 and 3 without one of their key players.

      Koncz is already thinking of changes to limit injuries.  Next, season he wants to limit the amount of games from 35 to around 28 games.  The season is too long, it’s too much wear and tear which leads to injury. Another change is the monitoring of practice hours.  In order to limit injuries, the practice time might be reduced to a certain hours per week. Also reducing the stress on the body during the season.

     Looking ahead the Caxys will have a tough stretch of games.  On February 17, the Caxys play La Lumiere, one of the top teams in the nation.  Look at interview With multiple D1 commits, La Lumiere is the hardest game on the schedule.  Now it will be even harder with the injury to Crawford.