Live experience of being at Game 7 World Series 2016


Photo by Michael Phillips

Michael Phillips ’15 and his dad previous to the start of the game

Dieter Villegas, Staff Writer

“One of the greatest nights of my life,” exclaimed Alumni Michael Phillips, Lake Forest Academy class of 2015.

Witnessing the Chicago Cubs clinching the World Series after 108 years is a big deal, but LFA Alumni Michael Phillips ‘15 was present at Progressive Field.

Phillips and his dad drove from Notre Dame University to witness one of Chicago’s historic moments. Expressing how long the ride up to Cleveland felt because he was looking forward to the night. While stopping at a gas station, they saw over 150 Cubs fans which showed how much support for the Cubs was going to be present at the stadium.

Before entering the stadium people felt anxious, nervous, but all of that was taken over by excitement to hopefully witness their team lift up the trophy. When entering the stadium, the amount of cubs fans were obvious. Seeing around 40% of the stadium being cubs fans at an away stadium was unreal. Phillips exclaimed cockiness went around the Cleveland Indians’ fans, because they already had the Cavaliers win the championship this same year.

“Fowler’s leadoff homer shut them up pretty quickly,” said Phillips.

Throughout the game there was constant cheering from both teams, an incredible atmosphere that Phillips voice was gone. Phillips recalled one fan behind him, having a poster that said, “Its gonna happen” and he got confident that in the 7th inning changed the sign to “It happened” even though it was a little premature.

One of the major things that stood out the most to Phillips was the resilience from the cubs as a team after the rain delayed. This helped the fans and the players calm down, after the cubs fans around him were panicking during the 8th inning.

After the last out, the cubs fans went crazy he exclaimed, people couldn’t believe it had just happened. Phillips exclaimed,

“To see it happen after 108 years in person it was really special”

Besides beating the Indians in Baseball Phillips highlighted that the Cubs were also better than the Indians in the favor of hotdogs sold at the stadium.

Phillips characterized the night as “Perfect and once in a lifetime”.