Homecoming: the LFA way


LFA juniors dressed in the camouflage theme before the dance.

Elizabeth Christoph, Staff Writer

A cherished tradition by many high schools or colleges, homecoming weekend is a great chance for returning alumni to revisit their school and see former classmates. For the current students at Lake Forest Academy, homecoming means one thing: the dance.

Hosted by the student council on September 24 from 8-10:30, it is located in the basement of the Student Union. Students from all classes attended the homecoming dance, with the theme this year being camouflage. Unlike other schools homecomings, which are formal events, LFA’s homecoming dance is unique in that the students dress down as opposed to their normal school day dress code. Also different from public high schools is that students don’t go together as dates or wear corsages and boutonnieres. A tradition special to LFA is that the seniors dress opposite to the theme. This year the seniors varied between bright neon colors and Hawaiian shirts in protest to the camouflage theme.

Juniors Elizabeth Christoph and Annie Lee take pictures before the dance.

Students really enjoy this dance not only because it is so casual, but also because it is student planned and has a student DJ. LFA’s homecoming dance is a great opportunity at the beginning of the year for freshman and new students to get acquainted with everyone and to kick off the school year on a fun note.