A night at the movies: Deadpool review


Jacob Chagoya, Staff Writer

As self described to be “not a super hero story,” Marvel’s Deadpool, played by Ryan Reynolds, shatters the previous standards set for Marvel movies. If you do not want to sit through a movie filled with dirty jokes and gore, this movie may not be for you. However, for those who are unaffected, this movie is a must watch.

Fans of the Marvel universe will find a pleasant surprise as a cameo is made by other heroes, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe is constantly referenced. Yet, if you are looking for the traditional superhero movie, this is not it. Killing is not taboo, and the cause that propels the plot is not the common noble cause. This does not have the traditional super hero traits of nobleness and justice. This is not DC Comics’ Super Man fighting for the good of the Earth, nor Batman fighting for people who do not deserve his help. This is not Peter Parker viewing heroism as his responsibility. Deadpool does not choose to follow the norm and does not try to be a hero. Yet this of in its self makes for a movie that has no standards and can go in any direction it wants. And the only direction Deadpool goes is up.   

Making the most of its rated R rating, Deadpool masterfully weaves a balance between seriousness and comedy. Abundant with sexual jokes, pop culture references and witty comebacks, Deadpool stays true to its comic book roots. The movie teeters a thin line between seriousness and comedy, as serious moments are interrupted by comedy, which then transitions back to seriousness. However, Deadpool does a splendid job in these transitions of mood and nothing feels forced.

Deadpool combines intense action with playful silliness in a perfect blend.
Photo courtesy of The Verge.com
Deadpool combines intense action with playful silliness in a perfect blend.

As Deadool takes the audience through the origin of his powers, the movie skillfully meshes the past with the present. In smooth transitions, the audience builds up an emotional connection with the characters while advancing this tale of revenge, love, and comedy. Staying true to the comic books that spawned the movie, Deadpool shatters the fourth wall time and time again. Action scenes are paused as Deadpool talks to the camera, and serious moments are interrupted by Deadpool’s inner monologue. This adds to the tone of playfulness.

The action in Deadpool uses the Rated R label fully, as it is gory. However, the action scenes are truly masterful and beautifully choreographed. Full of explosions, flips, sword fights, gun fights, and hand to hand combat, Deadpool gives the audience multiple actions scenes placed throughout the movie. A fast paced movie, a detractor of the movie may be that it moves too fast and may not be long enough. However, Deadpool has a sufficient amount of time to build up an emotional connection with the characters and attribute personalities to all involved.

Deadpool finds no need to follow these standards in order to create an entertaining movie that will have the audience laughing from start to finish, while rooting for Deadpool.