8 questions with Julia Gillette

Austin Clamage, News Editor

Caxynews was able to interview Senior Julia Gillette who is an talented squash player. Gillette is currently ranked 37th according to ussquash.com and has a college offer from Stanford.

What is your favorite part about playing squash? 
My favorite part about playing squash is that I can be competitive when I’m not a competitive person outside of the sport so it allows me to bring out a different part of my personality.

What other sport would play if you didn’t play squash?
Another sport I would play would be field hockey. It’s a really cool sport that I played freshman year, and it’s really intense and tactical.

What do you attribute your talents in squash to?
A lot of people get worked up when losing; I stay really calm so I can try to make a come back when I’m down.

Do you have any pregame routine or superstitions?
For pregame, I like to listen to music (Nicki Minaj) and stretch out by doing jumping jacks and lounges.

Julia Gillette playing in the Junior Squash Open at Yale University against an opponent from Ecuador.


Who is your favorite squash player?

It’s Romney Ashour. He’s really intense and really good.

If you had a million dollars, and weren’t allowed to save it, what would you do with it?
I have no idea. I would give some of it to charities, though.

Who is your role model and why?
My role model would be Oprah (Winfrey) because she’s a powerful woman.

Where do you see yourself after college?
I see myself after college doing something creative. I’m not a math or science person, so I can probably myself working in a creative environment. Maybe after my job, I could see myself as a  squash coach but not as my main job.